“..I'm so glad I picked you..”

“Thank you so much for making this masterpiece for us. You are extremely talented and I'm so glad I picked you to do my cake, thank you Olivia!!”

— Sadia, Dhol cake, 12/2016

“Hands down. The. BEST....”

“Hands down. The. BEST. Chocolate cake I've ever has in my entire life. I seriously crave it every day. I still have cupcakes frozen from my bridal shower!!”

— Samantha, Wedding cake & bridal shower cupcakes, 11/2016

“..best f*****g cake I've ever had..”

 I just wanted to tell you that everyone was so floored by how both beautiful and delicious your cake was! My friend came up to me and said, this is the best f*****g cake I have ever had. I can't wait to show you a picture with all the flowers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Gen, wedding cake, night of her wedding 10/2016

“Was the icing vegan??!! I was vegan for years and I would have never known!!!! It was amazing!!!!

- Gen's reaction after revealing my recipes are vegan

“..couldn't believe how beautiful..”

“Hi Olivia - The cake was a Big hit - everyone couldn't believe how beautiful the cake was, so much that my mom didn't want to cut it - eventually she did lol. A big thank you for your amazing work! 

— Anick, Knitting themed birthday cake & cupcakes, 12/2016.

“..sending friends your way...”

“The cake was amazing... Everyone was amazed once again by your talent. I'll be sending more of my friends your way for cakes! It was also delicious! You are truly amazing Olivia and extremely talented!

— Melissa, Magic hat with bunny birthday cake, 11/2016

“..Above and beyond..”

“Olivia the cake is absolutely SUNNING!!! So much above and beyond what I even expected! You are INCREDIBLE! I am in complete awe!
“Your cake was just incredible today! Everyone was blown away. You are the greatest!

— Zehra, Royal 4 tier baby shower cake, 12/2016

“..So in love..”

“Hey there you!!! I just wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing cake! It was so perfect Olivia! Thank you soooooooo much to have taken the time to make me such a gorgeous cake! So in love with it I wish I never had to cut it. You are amazing! And I wish you endless success in your business!! Thank you thank you! Until next time!

— Olivia, customized birthday cake, 11/2016

“..way too beautiful..”

“I don't think we'll be able to eat the cake. It's way too beautiful, an art piece. Thank you so, so much!

— Isabel, Halloween Coffin & Zombie cake, 10/2016

“..Perfect and sooo good..”

“Hi Olivia! Thank you so much for the cupcakes! They were perfect and sooo good!!!

— Kyla & Erik, gender reveal cupcakes, 11/2016

“Delicious and beautiful..”

“Delicious and beautiful cake to celebrate a beautiful woman. This cake is 1 of 3 cakes Olivia has made for us and she will be making 2 other cakes for me in January. Friends, she is super talented and her cakes are not only (obviously) gorgeous, but also delicious. Serendipity Cakes by Olivia - Check her out!

— Cassandra, 80th birthday cake, 12/2016

“..my absolute favourite!”

“I loved it!!! So did Reid! Your cakes are my absolute favourite!!

“..it's our 5th cake from her! She has done Reid's cake every year!... She's so good to work with and has made exactly what I wanted each time better than I could expect!

— Brittany, Handy Manny cake, 11/2016

“You're the best!”

“She freggen loved it! That cake is delicious!! Thanks again for such an amazing job! You're the best!

— Jennifer, smash photoshoot cake, 09/2016

“..to die for..”

“She absolutely loved it! She said the chocolate cake especially was ”to die for” and we are not a chocolate eating family usually. Thanks for helping make her birthday extra special!”

— Gen, wedding cake, night of her wedding 10/2016